Hengyang intellect EV bus helps Hengyang's first International Marathon

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The first international marathon of Yuhua group in Hengyang, Hunan Province will be officially launched at 7:30 a.m. on March 31.

In order to hold this international sports event with high specification, large scale, wide influence and strong attraction, Hengyang City, government agencies and streets were mobilized by all the people. As the key participating enterprises in the transportation guarantee of the event, Hengyang Intelligent EV Bus Co., Ltd. has carefully selected "zero emission" in terms of model selection, vehicle preparation, service guarantee, etc , zero pollution, green environmental protection, low-carbon energy saving, safety and comfort "8.5m pure electric city bus is used as the service vehicle of the event, in response to the theme of" nature, ecology, green, environmental protection, health "of the event.

The whole vehicle adopts the first-class step design, which greatly improves the convenience of passengers getting on and off the vehicle, increases the riding space in the vehicle, adopts the air suspension system before and after the imported air bag, reduces the vibration frequency of the whole vehicle, and improves the riding comfort. The three electric system adopts the high-performance and high-quality high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights, and the endurance mileage under the comprehensive operation condition can exceed 300km, fully meeting the requirements of the public It's necessary to deliver the whole day's mileage.

On the eve of the meeting, work with Hengyang public transport group to study and plan the route layout and vehicle scheduling according to the needs of the event arrangement. At 2:00 a.m. on the day of the competition, the service assurance team patiently communicated and trained the drivers again before the team went out to ensure the standardized operation and safe driving.

The passionate Hengyang and the amorous Yancheng City, because of the marathon, are still brightly lit in the late night. In the colorful neon light, the tall buildings show the charm of this famous historical and cultural city following the times. The motorcade marches orderly on the spacious and flat city avenue to meet the volunteers for the Games.

In the service area of the games, in spare time, the service team members do not forget to send a heavy blessing to Hengyang: wish Hengyang marathon a complete success.

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