Starting the first | constant day new energy of the first intelligent mobile energy storage can be rushing the delivery smoothly!

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At 9:58 am on August 8, 2020, Hengtian New Energy's first intelligent mobile energy storage tank can be delivered smoothly. The product replaces the traditional diesel power generation and provides services for the power system maintenance, emergency repair and emergency power generation projects of China Southern Power Grid.

The intelligent mobile energy storage tank provided by Hengtian New Energy takes the mobile energy storage tank as the carrier, which has the functions of overall self-loading and unloading, grid-connected capacity expansion, off-grid power supply, remote monitoring and management, etc. During the grid trough, it stores electricity in a battery pack and releases it at peak times, enabling peak-clipping and peak-valley pricing. It brings economic value to customers. It is a new energy, pollution-free, highly integrated and intelligent mobile energy storage system.

According to customer needs, new energy will be constant day, communications power battery monitoring devices such as organic integration to a high standard of box of 40 feet container unit, wherein the standard unit has its own independent power supply system, temperature control system, heat insulation, flame retardant systems, fire alarm system, electric interlocking systems, mechanical linkage system, safety evacuation system, emergency system, automatic control and safety systems such as fire control system. The power supply line and environmental equipment monitoring line in the container adopt the way of internal routing.There is no line groove and line tube on its surface; battery power output, BMS monitoring and interface lines are channelized to facilitate maintenance.

Considering that mobile energy storage system is commonly used in compact environment, Hengtian New Energy has designed the container self-loading and unloading function, so that the energy storage system can be automatically loaded and unloaded without additional crane, saving space and making it convenient to use.

Intelligent mobile energy storage application is like a piece of sponge "energy", using low during charging, the stored surplus electricity, electricity peak hours in the day release energy, effectively fill the gap, the maximum guarantee electricity production and living, and to alleviate the high speed development and power grid electricity has brought high quality power supply and demand contradiction provides new measures.

In the future, Hengtian New Energy will continue to pay attention to customer needs, which can continuously optimize the process and promote the high-quality development of energy storage battery industry with excellent product quality.

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