Hengtian Automobile made a heavy appearance at the International Intelligent Transportation Expo.

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On the morning of October 16, "2020 Hunan (Changsha) International Intelligent Transportation and Intelligent Networked New Energy Vehicle Industry Expo" was officially kicked off at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center.

This three-day expo, with the theme of "Science and technology for life - wisdom to drive the future", highlights the development of intelligent, new energy, sharing characteristics, focusing on the automobile and energy, transportation, information, communication and other fields of linkage and the deep integration of wisdom city application scenarios. Demonstrate the technology and achievements in the field of intelligent transportation such as Telematics and new energy vehicles.

Heng Yang Intelligent EV Bus Co., Ltd, the headquarters base of Hengtian Automobile's Southern Region, made a shining debut with several products.

Intelligent EV Bus is the only new energy commercial vehicle manufacturer at the fair, formerly known as Hunan Hengyang Bus Factory, founded in 1950, is a key production enterprise in Hunan Province.In August 2019, it will be merged into China HI-TECH Group and become the southern headquarters base of Hengtian New Energy Vehicle.

New Energy Airport shuttle bus

The European style, wide body, large capacity and beautiful appearance attracts waves of people to stop and watch. This product is jointly developed by Smart Bus and TAM-Europe (an overseas subsidiary of HI-TECH Automobile). The whole bus has low energy consumption, strong range, and can meet the daily operation needs of large and medium airports even with air conditioning on.

The low-floor pure electric field ferry adopts front axle steering and driving, integrating safety, comfort and environmental protection.

10.5m electric city bus

Commercial vehicle family styling design, the first of its kind in China. Full-size large bus, first-class stepping design, more user-friendly and practical, to meet the needs of more than 300 km.

The 5G trend is sweeping across the whole country, and Hengtian Automobile is standing on the tide of the times to build a variety of intelligent systems such as human-vehicle cooperation and vehicle network cooperation to provide intelligent and green travel services for customers. Combined with 5G technology, it has created many functions such as intelligent dispatching, intelligent monitoring, intelligent network, intelligent driving, intelligent station, etc. to provide customized services for more corporate customers and create intelligent solutions for urban buses.

New energy 4.5T logistics truck

Fully tested and verified, safe and reliable, more efficient use; long endurance, comfortable ride, large space cargo box, to meet the needs of different application scenarios; five-star after-sales service, rapid response, to ensure worry-free use of the car.

12m luxury bus

The 12-meter luxury bus exporting to Saudi Arabia is powered by Weichai wp10.375 engine, equipped with Fascia gearbox and hydraulic retarder. Good dynamics, large wheelbase and large luggage compartment volume.

Core Components

Everyday Auto has self-developed core components for new energy vehicles such as motors and electronic control, and its electronic control technology is on a par with that of Siemens and its motor technology is on a par with that of Tesla. We have high-speed asynchronous motors from AC Propulsiond, the international leader in electric motor technology, and electronic control products developed by VCTech, the world's leading rail traffic control technology, with the mission of "providing optimal products and solutions for global green transportation", and continue to plough into the core technology of the new energy tri-electricity. We are constantly exploring new modes of industry development.

In the future, the competition in the automobile industry is bound to accelerate, and the diversification of products will become increasingly remarkable.

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