Global Smart Mobility Conference, Constant Day Car with a variety of products heavy debut

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On September 20, 2020, the "Global Intelligent Mobility Conference and China (Nanjing) International New Energy and Intelligent Networked Vehicle Exhibition" (GIMC 2020) officially kicked off at Nanjing Airport International Expo Center.

The exhibition was held for three days with the theme of "New Era, New Ecology, New Opportunities". The exhibition discussed and exchanged topics around the construction of global new energy and intelligent networked vehicle industry ecology, promoting the development of new energy vehicles to intelligent networked vehicles, exploring new development plans for new energy and intelligent networked vehicles, and provided a showcase platform for many new energy and intelligent networked vehicle enterprises.

Constant Day Car brought the airport ferry, 12-meter luxury bus, 12-meter city bus, large saloon car, food truck, electric Coaster and core parts to make a stunning appearance.

Airport Ferry

Constant Day Kinwin Auto is the only authorized manufacturer and sales service provider of all series of buses and airport ferries of TAM-Europe in China. The TAM brand was founded in 1947 and is located in central Europe in Slovenia. TAM's main product is the airport shuttle bus. TAM has more than ten years of experience in airport shuttle bus production, and the products are exported to 18 countries and regions around the world.

Mobile Food Truck

Mobile food truck application vehicle networking technology, technology, and life are closely integrated and become a significant highlight of the exhibition. As the big black screen slowly rises, the mobile food truck is officially unveiled. The food truck is equipped with insulated boxes, enlarged radio-style teppanyaki, electric steam and baking ovens, etc. Strict operational standards ensure novel and safe products.

12-meter Luxury Bus

The 12-meter luxury bus of Constant Day Car made a stunning appearance, and its beautiful appearance attracted wave after wave of people to stop and watch. This model is exclusively developed for the Saudi Arabia market, with Weichai wp10.375 engine, equipped with Faster transmission and hydraulic retarder, which has the advantages of reasonable power, large wheelbase and large luggage compartment volume.

New Coaster

New Coaster, new press body, lighter weight, new interior, more beautiful, new air suspension, to bring you a unique driving experience!

Core Parts

Constant Day Car has self-developed core components of new energy vehicles such as motors and electric control, with electric control technology on par with Siemens and motor technology on par with Tesla. High-speed asynchronous motors originated from AC Propulsiond, the international leader in motor technology, and electronic control products developed by VCTech, the global leader in downscaling rail transportation control technology from Korea. With the mission of "providing the best products and solutions for global green mobility", we will continue to work on the core technology of new energy and explore new modes of industry development.

With the continuous progress and development of science and technology in the future, Constant Day Car will actively build the future intelligent travel mode, continuously research and explore intelligent new energy vehicles, and make positive contributions to the accelerated development of new energy and intelligent networked vehicle industry!

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