Inoculation zero distance| Hengtian mobile vaccine truck enters the provincial capital Changsha

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With the strong support of Hengyang municipal Party committee and government and Baishazhou Industrial Park, Hengtian mobile vaccine vehicles were put into use in batch in May, which contributed to epidemic prevention and control and won the recognition of all parties. Following the appearance of Hengyang, the mobile vaccine vehicle recently entered the provincial capital Changsha.

In mid August, with the support of Changsha Kaifu District Health Bureau and CDC, Hengyang bus cooperated with Hunan weikangshi health industry company to drive Hengtian mobile vaccination vehicle into Changsha Jinxia Economic Development Zone to carry out vaccination services. The site was in good order and the vaccination process was smooth, which was highly praised by the vaccinated people.


As the first pure electric vaccination vehicle put into use in China, the product is designed and developed by Hengyang Zhidian bus in conjunction with Nanhua University. It adopts a first-class step body to meet the needs of vaccination personnel. Five vaccination platforms, vaccine refrigerators and other special equipment are arranged in the vehicle, which meets the relevant technical specifications of Xinguan vaccination. The whole vaccination process is convenient and reliable, which is convenient for vaccination in rural areas, schools, communities, enterprises and institutions. The first batch of vaccination vehicles were put into use in Hengyang in May, opening up the "last kilometer" of vaccination.

On July 20, delta virus spread widely in Nanjing. Hengtian people responded quickly. Based on the existing vaccination vehicles, nucleic acid detection vehicles were developed and quickly put into use, contributing to the epidemic prevention and control in Nanjing.

Now, Hengtian mobile vaccination vehicle has come to Changsha again to harvest a large number of "fans". The people who come to the vaccination have lamented that "vaccination can be carried out at home, with few people, fast speed and ease."

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a popular strain of COVID-19. The practice and Research on prevention and control of disease in the world at home and abroad show that the vaccine is still effective in preventing and protecting the vaccine. Therefore, vaccination of the people who meet the vaccination requirements and vaccination is still the most effective and economical means to prevent and control the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

At present, the vaccination coverage of the elderly aged 3-17 and over 60 is low, which is the key object of vaccination, and vaccination will usher in a new peak. At that time, Hengtian mobile vaccine vehicle will enter the campus, community and other places to play a greater role.

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