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  • Saudi Gulf certificate

    12.5m coach obtained the Saudi Gulf GCC certification

  • Commissioning formally

    CHTC KINWIN has officially put into operation

  • Alteration of equities

    Hengyang Intelligent EV Bus Co., Ltd. was changed into a holding subsidiary of CHTC KINWIN

  • Obtain official overseas certification

    The 12m pure electric chassis has passed the Indian certification, and it is the first official overseas
    certification obtained by CHTC KINWIN

  • 300 Saudi Chaojin vehicles were exported to Saudi Arabia

    300 Saudi Chaojin vehicles were exported to Saudi Arabia

  • Establishment of Yueyang High-Speed Asynchronous Motor and Power Assembly Project

    On December 10,2020,  Yueyang High-Speed Asynchronous Motor and Power Assembly Project was established

  • Mass sales

    The products delivered to end users in batches and put into operation in 2018

  • Get export orders

    Gather multiple resources to obtain overseas export orders with the multiple resources

  • Integrate and possess core technology

    CHTC and VCTECH group of Korea established Nanjing CVCT , a holding subsidiary with three electric
    system as the core business

  • Project approval

    New energy large limousine project approved in Tsinghua University

  • Institute set up

    The large limousine project R & D platform - Beijing CHTC CAE Intelligent Automobile Research Institute was established

  • Prototype offline

    The management team undertakes the project and carries out product development and project
    implementation on the platform of the project R & D

  • CHTC KINWIN set up

    CHTC KINWIN was established in Lishui District, Nanjing

  • Sign the contract -- Lishui site selection

    CHTC project industrialization base settled in Lishui District, Nanjing

  • Base planning

    The base has a total investment of 5 billion yuan and covers an area of 499,950 sq.m. including
    1.5 billion yuan in the first phase and 266,400 sq.m.

  • Team formation

    The company has built an elite team with Professor  Wang Xianfeng from Tongji University as
    its core

  • Product announcement

    CHTC KINWIN has obtained the first product announcement, and has the marketing conditions

  • Foundation stone ceremony

    Construction of CHTC KINWIN production base started. The first phase plant has put into operation
    in 2019, with an annual output of 40000 large limousines and 10000 passenger cars 

  • Hengyang project signing ceremony

    CHTC South headquarters of new energy vehicle was settled in Hengyang